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The EMBABE Diaries

My first month

on February 21, 2013

Oh my, where do I start?

I’ve been to London three times already – once for orientation week and twice for regular study weekends.

I won’t spend too much time on the obvious: the school is fantastic (of course, this is LBS we’re talking about), classes are super-interesting and loads of fun, the EMBA office is very friendly and supportive. Instead, let me spend some time on the stuff that was surprising – the other students. These people are SERIOUSLY NICE. I mean very nice. And why was that surprising? Because the image of LBS I had in my mind was nowhere near cuddly. Before I joined, I had received my share of well-meaning advice explaining that, while LBS was impeccable academically, students tended to be “dog-eat-dog City types” and I should therefore look for a school where I could fit in better. (In hindsight, the fact that the people dispensing this well-meaning advice had actually not been to LBS themselves should have alerted me that this was probably a case of the sour grapes syndrome, but I was young and foolish.) So I was expecting to meet ambitious, high-achieving, highly intelligent people going places. And they are – every one of their stories is amazing and I can definitely see now why I was told that I would learn as much from my colleagues as I would from faculty. But they are also friendly, helpful, supportive, open, funny, kind, and they’re my friends now, after just a month. That, I must admit, I did not expect.

Wonderful surprise no. 2 – there are four other mums in my class, one of which is also a commuter and, incidentally, is in my study group. I am obviously beyond thrilled. Mum Power yaaay!

What else – yes, other EMBA student blogs! Three of my lovely colleagues are blogging on the school’s website, so please check them out to get more of a flavour of our life.

Have to go study now, but will be back soon – I need to tell you about how sunk costs can help you increase happiness.


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