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Economics gets steamy…and we welcome our April EMBABE of the Month

on April 3, 2013
On your marks...get set...start accounting sample exam!

On your marks…get set…start accounting sample exam!

We are approaching exam season and let me tell you, things are getting busy. For most of us, it’s been a while since we last crammed for exams (save for the GMAT, which is now a foggy memory), so please keep you fingers crossed everyone!

In between trying to befriend statistics and probability (old GMAT foes that I had hoped never to see again but which have sadly turned out to be central to an entire core course) and learning about revenue recognition in long-term contracts, I have finally managed to read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. My opinion? Ignore the media-fuelled “controversy”; this book is balanced, intelligent and sensible. It’s also GREAT and I loved it. I will follow up soon with more about it, so watch this space – or, better yet, read the book and let me know what you thought. Or, if you’re cramming too, watch the video.

One thing that made my week much brighter was exchanging emails with another amazing woman – EMBABE of the month Heather Baker, the founder and managing director of digital marketing agency TopLine Communications. In need of some inspiration? Turn to the EMBABE of the month section to read about Heather’s EMBA experience – and learn about the importance of opportunity cost!

Last but not least, I recently read a wonderful blog post by Chris Leo, an EMBA-Global student at LBS, about the importance of keeping integrity central to not only our EMBA experience, but our entire professional life. Read it here.

So where does economics get steamy, you ask? Right here, in the new update to the Feel the Love section.


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