Case Studies and bedtime stories

The EMBABE Diaries

How Organisational Behaviour can help you raise your kids

on April 23, 2013

In case you were wondering, I am studying, just thought I’d take a very quick break to let you know that you can now through scientific jargon about when your mother or aunt bribes your kids again (any similarity to actual facts and real persons is, of course, purely coincidental). It has been scientifically proven, as well as taught in my EMBA organisational behaviour class, that adding extrinsic motivation (such as, say, offering toys or sweets) to an activity that had previously been intrinsically rewarding (e.g. being well-behaved or picking up your toys) tends to decrease the subject’s (i.e. kid’s) level of motivation. Of course, the context was somewhat different in our OB class, but I’m sure it all translates very well to the world of the under-fives. What am I missing? Right, scientific jargon. This is called…take your pens out…Cognitive Evaluation Theory. Pretty impressive, right?

Oh, you’re the one bribing your kid? Because you need five minutes of peace and quiet? Not to worry – as with anything, there are of course several studies providing evidence against cognitive evaluation theory. Just don’t tell my mum.


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