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Life after exams

on May 8, 2013

…and we’re back! We’ve had our first batch of exams, so now I actually have some tried and tested study tips to share. The results aren’t out though, so don’t take these too literally, they’ve been tested but not yet graded!

  • DO study during term time and not just before exams. Some stuff – such as accounting, for example, can’t really be crammed into your brain over two days. (I’m just going to hide in a corner until you’re done throwing tomatoes at me and yelling “Do you honestly think I have the time?!?!?!”. Are you done? Phew… Ouch! That hurt! Ok, no more throwing tomatoes, please.) 
  • DO believe people who have done this before when they tell you that an exam is very difficult. They are usually right.
  • And on that note, DO ask around for feedback from those who have been through the same exams. They will be more than happy to regale you with horror stories that are actually helpful.
  • Once you have some information, DO adapt your studying style to the style of each exam.
  • Totally, totally DO a late-night study session (aka “let’s have some pizzas and laugh ourselves silly pretending to study”) with a few colleagues just before your last exam. You won’t learn much, but what you do learn, however useless, will be forever etched in your memory (147.8, anyone?), plus it will be the best fun you’ve ever had studying.
  • If you are allowed a cheat sheet, DO take it seriously. (Learn how to print multiple pages per sheet and double sided.) If you can, write your own cheat sheet because (i) writing up a cheat sheet is a great way to learn and (ii) it’s a lot easier to understand stuff that you’ve written. But if you don’t have the time to write it up yourself, just borrow (with permission!) the best cheat sheet you can find and make sure to read it once before you go into the exam.
  • All of that being said, DO NOT freak out – it will never help and it will probably harm your chances of getting something intelligent down on paper. With a little luck, you’ll be on the other side of the rainbow in no time – until then, here’s my rainbow, in London on the afternoon after my last exam.

    Portman Square rainbow

    Portman Square rainbow

That’s all from me, but I’d love to hear your study tips!

See you soon,



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