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Postcard from the trenches of real life

on August 20, 2013

I have so much I want to write about and my brain is buzzing with ideas that I really need to get down to paper (maybe on that long flight to the India international assignment – oh, I have to tell you about that too sometime!). Unfortunately, this is just not the week to do that, what with a deal signing, a Macroeconomics take-home exam still untouched and both kids at home failing to grasp why Mummy locks herself in the study all day and then gets really cross when they manage to come in and want to join the conference call. So here’s my postcard to you:

    • a little follow up on my last post about the likeability gap: an HBR article about “unseen barriers” to women in the workplace (mersi, Raluca!). Their term of choice is “competence-likability trade-off”, which I guess is a bit clearer than likeability gap, but seems to designate the same concept. One of the authors, Herminia Ibarra,  is an Insead OB professor and author of this great book called Working Identity that I heartily recommend, as well as this little gem of an article about how parents should go to the office late and leave early. Of course, I totally love her. She’s on Twitter, too, just in case you were wondering.
    • …plus (and then I really need to go) I have been reading Brene Brown’s books and I think she’s really on to something! I have a ton of highlighted quotes I want to share (copyright law permitting, of course) but no time, so just watch this video until I get to it – I promise you it’s a good use of 20 minutes!

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