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With my head firmly in the clouds again…

on March 25, 2014

Hi there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry I’ve been lazy, time for a quick update – the last few weeks, in the form of a walk in the clouds:

16 February: flying to London for the Communications elective


Above the clouds, a lovely sunset…


…below them, a rainy evening in the magical city











27 February: back again, for mid block this time, and I get this incredible welcome:

beautiful clouds...

beautiful clouds…

...parting miraculously to make way...

…parting miraculously to make way…

...for a city I can't get enough of

…for the city I can’t get enough of

2 March: study clouds – struggling with that pre-assignment for Financing the Entrepreneurial Business (fabulous elective, by the way!), but the view from the library is gorgeous:

Library clouds - menacing...

Library clouds – menacing…

...or friendly?

…or friendly?

8 March: in Dubai for Financing the Entrepreneurial Business, catching up with the lovely EMBAD crew and staring at clouds and skyscrapers…
dubai 2

14 March: back in London for the LBS Women in Business Conference. Best conference ever – promise to write an entire post about it this week. No clouds this time, but…

A hazy "Good morning" from Big Ben

A hazy “Good morning” from Big Ben

...and Trafalgar Square

…and Trafalgar Square

...and my favourite Park Road friends in bloom - the best parting gift

…and my favourite Park Road friends in bloom – the best parting gift

Until we meet again,



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