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WIB conference continued: speakers’ top tips

on April 1, 2014

..and we’re back! So, as I was saying in my last post, I finally managed to get to the LBS Women in Business Conference, which I missed last year because it clashed with the school schedule (that still hurts, but hey, I made it this year!!). It’s a truly brilliant event, so do plan on attending next year please. As promised, this is the post in which I share some of the “top tips” from the speakers and panellists, right in time for your morning coffee:


– don’t do anything that you don’t really enjoy

– treat yourself like a project plan

– stop believing that all you have to do is work really hard and then people will notice

– don’t be afraid to ask for help and to accept the help that’s offered

– love what you do (see? told you it kept coming up!)

– make a difference to other people’s careers

– learn from things going very badly – or, to quote Darla Moore again, “When you lose – and you will lose – don’t take it personally and don’t lose the lesson”

– know what you want and ask for it

– be resilient

– do what you love; do what fires you up

– control what you can control, but let go of the rest; anxiety is crippling

– have a burning desire to expand your own creativity

– remember kindness and courtesy

On salary negotiations:

– be confident – wave your flag!

– really know your numbers and have a value proposition (that’s MBA-speak for “be prepared to explain why you’re actually worth that much to the firm”)

– don’t take salary negotiations personally (yes, I know that’s firmly in the “easier said than done” category, but it’s worth trying to keep in mind…)

– don’t focus only on salary, but on the overall package

On gender balance:

– true equality for women will come only with economic power

– it’s very tough to drive gender balance in the office when there’s no gender balance in the home

(and, yes!!!) the sooner the superwoman myth is debunked, the better

And yes, I know I also promised you Snow Patrol in my last post, and I was going to talk about them here, but then I realised that would make the post really long again, so I’ll have to save that for next time. (I do really need to learn to write in short form…maybe if I didn’t have all these parenthetical thoughts? But then again, I love parentheses, couldn’t live without them! Oh well…)



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