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I’m fascinated by other women’s EMBA experiences, not just because it’s encouraging and inspiring to see how others have dealt with similar challenges, but also because it’s a great reminder of the wonderfully different ways in which we each craft our own way to success. Vive la difference!

komalOctober’s EMBABE is Komal Joshi, an entrepreneur whose business, Planned Departure, last month managed to raise over 200% of its target on crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

Position before EMBA: Co-founder/ Director/ owner / consultant

Current position: Co-founder / CEO, Planned Departure

Why did you decide to do an EMBA?: To take my company / idea to the next level.

Application process / GMAT tip: Prepare well and allow enough time for the application. The entire package –  GMAT, essays, interview and CV  – is important for the selection.

What was your greatest concern before starting the programme and how did you overcome it?  Will I be able to fit within the group of high achievers.

Best / toughest EMBA moment: Many moments were amazing: getting selected to the LBS incubator, receiving the Founders Award, media coverage in prestigious media outlets, getting approached by big firms for acquisition and most of all when Prof Jeff Skinner hugged and said “you are our pride”.

Toughest – many! When my idea – and me along with it – was being thrashed, when people were telling me to stop wasting my time. Juggling family, work and assignments. I remember one week last summer when all my family members came to visit us for first time and I had assignment deadlines and and exam. I’m not sure I slept at all that entire week.

Of the things you learned while at LBS, what do you use most often? Almost  all of them, I don’t learn things if I can’t apply then. Strategy, corporate finance, marketing, organisational behavious and many little things which I have learnt and are now part of thin slicing.

Favourite courses: Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets, Managing The Growing Business.

Advice for keeping family life afloat while on the EMBA: Challenging. Patience and perseverance. Manage time properly and set your priorities right . In my case, my family comes first and everything else then gets arranged around it.

Necessary luxury: My phone with Internet.

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