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It’s only been a month so I can’t claim too much inside knowledge about EMBA studying, but here’s what I would suggest – PLAN your studying. I used to do this back in university – I even had a planned no of pages to read per day, which is arguably a bit OTT but it worked for me – and I initially thought I was way too mature and sophisticated (yes, I am slightly delusional at times) to need that now, but boy was I wrong. After failing miserably¬†to finish my reading for the first study weekend, I am now back to my nerdy roots. I do it old-school – I take my (very pretty, Cath Kidston) special-purpose weekly organizer and, at the beginning of the two-week period between classes, I decide what I need to do for school on each day. I write it down and then stick to it. (By “stick to it” I mean, of course, that I write everything in pencil and change my daily goals along the way).

Happy studying everyone!


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