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Of course, this is totally how I begin every day...

Of course, this is totally how I begin every day…in my dreams

Ok, nothings they may be but they definitely become essential at some point, especially if the last time you had a good night’s sleep (as well as your twenties) are starting to dissolve in the depths of your memory. I’m talking, of course, about make-up products. I’ve been so engrossed in my Strategy assignment until now that I just wrote “mark-up” instead of “make-up”, now that’s a very MBA-like Freudian slip that Schumpeter (another lively Austrian) would be proud of.

I must admit that I was a late and reluctant convert to make-up, and I still can’t manage anything that requires more than 5 minutes of my time, the drawing of any lines or any special brushes. However, two things happened which made my feelings about lotions and potions much warmer: I turned thirty and had a baby. Cue well-meaning colleagues greeting me with “oh my, you look so tired today” (cue soothing mental images of me strangling well-meaning colleagues – a mother’s gotta have freedom of thought, what can I say). So, a few months before having my second baby, I said goodbye to my make-up-free life, went to a fancy department store, spoke to an impeccably made-up shop assistant (yes, I know, I’m really afraid of them too) and bought this little thing (well, its predecessor):


I’m telling you, this stuff is magic and novice-proof, all you need to do is kind of smear it all over your face and you suddenly look like you’ve just returned from a spa holiday with a full time creche and no cell reception. Cue me stifling laughs while people rambled on about how motherhood makes me radiant (of course it does, Santa Claus and Tinkerbell deliver fresh radiance to young mothers every morning, in the form of pixie dust) and, helpfully, no longer having thoughts of homicide – oh, happy days!

Since then, I’ve tried all sorts of competitors and substitutes (that’s Strategy talk again!), but have found nothing like the real thing and, since a few school colleagues have asked me about it, I decided that this (not so humble) BB Cream has earned its place in the EMBABE’s Survival Kit. Of course, as I soldier on towards no longer being able to truthfully claim that I am in my early thirties, there’s only so much a cream can do (in case you were wondering, the word “radiance” hasn’t come up in conversation for a while). So I’ve had to expand my make-up horizons even further, to exotic things like good concealer and bronzer-blush (I only bought that one because I thought it looked cute and had too much time in an airport, but it’s actually pretty great!). I’m sure make-up can do far greater things, but these three together seem to yield a pretty good return on a five-minute investment (yes, you guessed it, corporate finance revision tomorrow). If you’ve got better recommendations though, I’d love to hear about them!

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Picture: Dior website
Image credit: cecilialim / 123RF Stock Photo


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