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Women of LBS

I initially started thinking about an EMBA at London Business School back in 2008, when I was working in London and had no children. I soon became pregnant with my son, moved back to Romania, became a lawyer again and set aside my plans to go back to school. I decided to dust off my dormant EMBA plans after happening upon two books while on maternity leave with my second baby:

  • a highly entertaining (if somewhat sobering) careers guide for women by the FT’s Mrs Moneypenny (aka LBS alumna Heather McGregor), and
  • a fascinating book on the forces shaping the future of work by LBS Professor Lynda Gratton.

The books reflect different views on what it takes to thrive in the workplace, but they are both great reads. I love that they are so different, partly because I see this as a reflection of the diversity of opinions, styles and personalities that I am likely to encounter while at the school. 

Since starting the EMBA, I have come across quite a few more extraordinary Women of LBS:

Celia Moore and Lourdes Sosa are the two wonderful professors who were our coordinators (as well as cheerleaders and life savers) during the India International assignment. Lourdes, an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, focuses her research on “technological discontinuities”, market disruption brought on by radical changes in technologies. Celia, whose website I invite you to visit here, is an Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour. In her research, she investigates the unanticipated causes and consequences of corruption and unethical behaviour. She has written a lot about a very topical phenomenon called “moral disengagement”, defined as “a process that enables people to engage in negative behaviors, from small misdeeds to great atrocities, without believing that they are causing harm or doing wrong”. 

Gabe Adams is an Assistant Professor of Organisation Behaviour whose research focuses on why people help or harm others (how cool is that?). Her Paths to Power course was one of the best taught (and thought-provoking!) courses I ever took – thoroughly recommended!


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